It's Time: End the Death Penalty and Support Senate File 150   

Wyoming senators have proposed a bill that would end the death penalty in 2021: Senate File 150.  

The ACLU of Wyoming supports Senate File 150. Capital punishment is racist, tragically permanent, and is a waste of Wyoming’s money. Repealing the death penalty is the right move by WyLeg.  

But we aren’t the only ones supporting the repeal of the death penalty in Wyoming.  

Led by the Wyoming Campaign to Repeal the Death Penalty, organizations like the ACLU of Wyoming, organizations like the Catholic Diocese of Cheyenne, the League of Women Voters of Wyoming, the Wyoming Interfaith Network, Cheyenne NAACP, Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association, Holy Apostles Orthodox Christian Church of Cheyenne and Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty are working together to end this cruel form of punishment once and for all.  

If you oppose the death penalty, no matter your reason, speak up! Join #RepealWy to make sure your legislators know that you want to see Senate File 150 signed into law.  

Send your message today!