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It might just be a bill and only a bill, but these drafted pieces of legislation could become laws and affect your life in various ways. Those effects could be positive, or in some cases, pretty negative. It's your duty as an activist to keep informed and ready to act.

On this page, we cover bills and measures we're tracking during the Wyoming Legislative Session. Tap through, learn more, and email your questions to acluwy@aclu.org

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House Bill 82

We support House Bill 82 because it would bring us one step closer to a Wyoming where everyone can acquire necessary and scientifically-based medical care without fear of incarceration. 

February 11, 2021 Smart Justice

Senate File 05

We oppose Senate File 05 because it would continue the negative trend of creating new crimes in Wyoming that contribute to overcrowding in state prisons and pile on costs that Wyoming cannot afford.

February 11, 2021 Smart Justice