State by state, our country is moving away from the death penalty. Will Wyoming be next?

This year, the Wyoming Senate once again debated ending our state's death penalty. But Senate File 150, which would have ended the use of this expensive, ineffective, and racist punishment, was defeated with an 11-19 vote.

The work to end the death penalty in Wyoming has been going on for many years.

When we began to push in earnest three years ago to get a repeal bill passed, we knew it would be an uphill struggle that would likely take several years. We are always hopeful to be successful, but we are never deterred when it is clear we must fight on for another year (or two).

The movement has grown exponentially since we and our partners launched the Campaign to End the Death Penalty in Wyoming in April 2019. More coalition partners, more grassroots activists, and more legislators support ending the death penalty than ever have before. Thank you for your support!

It may take a couple more years, but the end is in sight: We will end the death penalty in Wyoming, and we will not stop until we have accomplished our goal together. We are looking for more people to join our coordinating team. 

Will you join us? Together, we can repeal the death penalty in Wyoming.

Join our team.