Wyoming is Closer Than Ever to Ending the Death Penalty

For two years in a row, the Wyoming House of Representatives has voted overwhelmingly to end the death penalty, and recently Gov. Mark Gordon said he is considering a moratorium on the death penalty in our state because we simply cannot afford it.

As Wyoming voters, it is our job to make sure we know whether or not the candidates running for office in our legislative districts would vote to end the death penalty if they are elected. So we are asking YOU to contact your local legislative candidates NOW to let them know you oppose the death penalty and want them to vote to end it if they are elected.

Don’t know who your local candidates are? You can find our your House and Senate Districts here by searching for your address. You can also scroll down for the list of candidates for legislative office in Wyoming.

Election Day is November 3rd – call or email your local candidates TODAY and get them on the record.