Wyoming’s Budget Session Doesn’t Have to Be a Circus

Don’t let bad bills spoil budget session.


Wyoming legislators gavel in for their biennial budget session next week, and it’s sure to be a fast and furious four weeks as they grapple with the dollars and cents of the state budget.

With a period of federal funding coming to an end, Gov. Gordon said his budget proposal reflects his desire for Wyoming to responsibly take control of its fiscal future. 

Yet some Wyoming legislators seem more concerned about defining people as male or female, forcing teachers to out LGBTQ2s+ students to their parents, or banning gender-affirming care. Issues that matter most to Wyomingites – like property tax relief and workforce development – don’t seem to be a big priority for some of our legislators. This is unacceptable. Voters from all sides of the political spectrum just want our legislators to get good things done on their behalf, not stoke the “culture wars” at the expense of our civil rights.

It’s time for our legislators to mind their own business. Specifically, the business of the state. 

With more than 100 draft bills already listed on the Legislative Service Office’s website, there’s going to be a lot for our legislators to discuss and debate in just 20 days. But session doesn’t have to be a circus. Don’t let bad bills spoil budget session. 

Bookmark our legislative advocacy resource page for all the information you need to connect with your elected leaders during session.

Together, we can ensure our lawmakers protect our freedoms and make Wyoming a more equitable place for everyone. 

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