Abortion Rights

Three bills that erode abortion access are currently moving through the legislative process.

  • SF 131 – Human Heartbeat protection act.
    This bill would outlaw abortion in Wyoming after an embryo or fetus has a “detectable fetal heartbeat.” This is most alarming of the trio of abortion bills that would ban abortions in Wyoming at six weeks. Since most pregnancies aren’t detected until after six weeks, this bill would ban almost every abortion in Wyoming.
  • HB 197 Abortion – 48 hour waiting period.
    This bill is seeking to establish a 48-hour waiting period for women after they have been informed of pregnancy. Any physician violating this law would be guilty of a felony and could be punished with imprisonment for up to 14 years. Waiting periods are medically unnecessary. Government-mandated delays introduce an unnecessary hurdle to obtaining medical care and intrude on the patient-provider relationship.
  • SF 97 – Born alive infant-means of care.
    The bill modifies an existing Wyoming law regarding the "Means of treatment for viable abortion." Wyoming physicians perform abortions only during the first trimester of pregnancy. Wyoming already has a law prohibiting abortions after viability (except to preserve a woman's life or health). Finally, no doctor has ever been charged with violating this law.

Want to help stop the attacks on every person's reproductive freedom? Contact your representatives and tell them to vote no on these bills.


Indigenous Justice

These bills that aim to improve relations with tribal leaders are currently moving through the legislative process.

  • HB 26 – Tribal ID for voting.
    This bill establishes that a tribal ID would be an acceptable document to prove identity for voter registration. This bill is a clear win for fair elections. This also address known issues that hindered access during the last election.
  • SF 8 – Missing and murdered persons and other events-cooperation.
    This bill would establish an alert system similar to an Amber Alert as well as increase transparency to help locate missing persons. In some tribal communities, Native Americans are murdered at more than 10 times the national average. This bill would help us locate more missing indigenous people. It’s a bill we can’t afford to delay or forgo.
  • HB 212 – Select committee on tribal relations.
    This bill would establish a committee to develop knowledge and expertise regarding matters pertaining to Wyoming tribes and services and needs on the Wind River Indian Reservation. The committee would pursue opportunities for encouraging economic growth, nondiscrimination and wellbeing. This bill would improve representation for Wyoming tribes. Additionally, it would bring greater awareness to the issues that most affect our Wyoming indigenous residents.

Want to support your peers? Contact your representatives and tell them to support the indigenous peoples of Wyoming by voting yes on bills. This is a real opportunity to improve the civil liberties of Tribal members.


Mental Health

These bills that aim to improve access to vital mental health sercices are currently moving through the legislative process.

  • HB 31 – Criminal justice-mental health-substance use programming
    This bill would require the department of health and the department of corrections to collaborate to reduce criminal offender recidivism by improving mental health and substance use programming and funding.     This bill increases collaboration and support our inmates in Wyoming. The critical piece of this bill is funding, we need the legislature to fund this effort for it to be effective

Want to help your peers get access to necessary healthcare and services? Write the appropriations committees and ask them to fund mental health and substance use prevention programming.