Thank you, Wyoming.  

The fight for our fundamental freedoms is far from over. We gotta keep pushing forward.  

While the Wyoming Legislature is all but forgotten outside of session, decisions made while our elected officials are in Cheyenne have a deep and lasting impact on our people and communities. 

And this year, as you know, a lot happened – particularly when it comes to abortion access and trans rights. 

Jackson trans rights protest

Legislators passed, and Governor Mark Gordon signed into law, one bill to ban medication abortion and let another near-complete ban become law without his signature. Legislators also passed a bill to prohibit transgender students from playing on sports teams that match their gender identity, and Governor Gordon also let that bill go into law without his signature. 

WY State Capitol Winter

I'll be honest with you. We worked hard to defeat these bills, and we're still disappointed in the outcome. We know you are, too. 

But today, I want to thank the hundreds of changemakers across Wyoming that fought back with us and contacted our legislators and Governor Gordon about these bills. Your advocacy is appreciated and did not go unnoticed. 

The fight for civil liberties in Wyoming isn't over. Are you ready to get more involved? I’m looking for volunteers to collaborate on a variety of campaigns and actions over the next year. I would love your help!  

Join the fight  

Together, we’ll fight as hard as it takes — for as longs it takes — to protect everyone’s fundamental freedoms.  

Thank you, Wyoming.