Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith is the office manager and event planner at Wyoming Equality. During Pride season and beyond, Cameron hopes that people take the time to think of ways they can give back to their LGBTQ community and be a part of improving life for their peers. 

What does it look like, for you, to celebrate Pride?

Pride is when we celebrate the LGBTQ community that surrounds us. This is when we support our friends and neighbors, lift each other up, and empower our peers to do better. We’re at the perfect intersection of celebration and action in 2019.

This year, Pride Month takes place during the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. We are set to celebrate accomplishments of advocates before us as we shape our efforts to bolster us ahead.


Tell us more about the work you’re doing at Wyoming Equality.

Wyoming Equality is our state’s leading LGBTQ rights organizations and aims to support our community in the best ways we can. My position, in particular, steers our office’s day-to-day. In total, we have four staff with one full-timer, two part-timers, and one intern. With my background in event planning, organizing, and marketing, I’m proud to be able to share and expand the work of Wyoming Equality.

What does LGBTQ activism look like to you?

Activism during Pride month is a blend of celebration and action. It’s important to take the work of activists before us and use their experiences to inspire us to move forward. Being an activist means doing anything in our power to help people see that LGBTQ folks deserve respect and inclusivity in any setting.

Do you think more people should get involved politically? If so, how.

People definitely should be involved to the best of their ability. Getting more involved politically means you have a chance for your voice to be ­­heard on the issues you care about most. It’s important to note that a small group of folks can’t do all the talking - and shouldn’t, quite frankly. Every single person has power in their voice, and has a point of view that is worthy.

Whether folks prefer to be on the frontlines or more in the background of advocacy work, there is indeed a place for everyone.

Where do you see opportunities for change in Wyoming?  

Having worked at Wyoming Equality for about a year, I’ve noticed the uphill battle we face in our state. We’ve got work to do to make sure everyone on the LGBTQ spectrum feels welcome, heard, and seen.

Wyomingites have the tendency to say, “we’re very live and let live.” However, that tends to not really be the case. Our communities need more folks who are emboldened to stand up and demand better. Together we must ask for more accountability, hold hard conversations with lawmakers, and ensure each person in the LGBTQ family has a seat at the table.