In the last week Wyoming’s death penalty repeal bill has made historic advancements.

Definitely a highlight worth taking time to celebrate. The support House Bill 145 was garnered from a diverse group of businesses, individuals, and faith based organizations shed the light on Wyoming’s need to repeal the death penalty from many different angles.

With the week ahead, prepare to take on more bills, further hold elected officials accountable, and make your voice heard. Take special attention to the following bills, and preview this legislative toolkit for practical ways to keep in touch with elected officials.

  • House Bill 53 would require the Department of Corrections to revise its incentives and sanctions system. This bill has passed the House, was amended in the Senate Judiciary Committee, and referred to the Senate Appropriations Committee. We are monitoring this bill and will follow any changes closely.  
  • Senate File 10 would allow courts to sentence people to unsupervised probation and reduce terms of probation. We are supporting this bill, and will share updates on our Facebook page as they happen.
  • Senate File 38 would place a 42-month limit on probation sentences. The ACLU of Wyoming supports this legislation and encourages the legislature to remove or limit judicial discretion, as evidence shows, probationary periods beyond even 36 months are costly and ineffective. 

Wyomingites must continue to take action and defend the rights and well-being of everyone in the state. Whether writing a letter, making a phone call, or setting up a meeting, every voice can make the difference.

Follow the ACLU's work on Facebook for more and be sure to attend this upcoming event with the League of Women Voters, Cheyenne.


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