2,500 Banned Books and Counting

Fight censorship and stop book bans! Join the ACLU's local efforts to preserve everyone's right to read.

Urgen action needed! The Laramie County School District 1's Board of Trustees is considering changing their library's current policy on books, which is totally unnecessary. If parents don't like a particular book, they can already provide that information to the school and prohibit their own kids from accessing those materials.  Send a message to the board asking them to object to this proposed policy and to choose freedom over censorship. 

The school year just began, and we need your help to combat an unprecedented, coordinated effort to ban books. 

Though censorship is nothing new, the current push to ban books is stronger than ever before. Book bans have increased 40% over the last year, which is a record high. Librarians have removed thousands of books from the shelves, mostly titles by and about people with marginalized identities. 

banning books and history is not freedom

The ACLU has a 100-year legacy of winning free speech cases, and we're continuing the fight today by taking book bans to court. But to keep this going, we need more First Amendment advocates to commit to the fight ahead. Are you with us?

Join the fight!

If you agree that banning books is a violation of our First Amendment rights and everyone should be able to read whatever they want, add your name. 

Book bans reached a fever pitch in 2022. Here's the crisis we're facing:

  • Book bans have impacted 4 million students at more than 5,000 schools.
  • More than 2,500 books have been banned across 32 states.
  • 41% of challenged and banned books had an LGBTQ+ protagonist.
  • 40% of banned books included a prominent character of color.

The ACLU is uniquely prepared to respond to school censorship, and we're fighting back with local advocates across the state. But if we're going to keep up with this onslaught of school censorship, we need grassroots advocates like you to keep showing up

Thanks for helping us defend free speech in schools and protecting all of our rights and liberties.