UPDATE: House Bill 50 failed on Feb. 15.

The ‘What is a Woman Act’ is trying to answer a question that is contextualized by far more than the biological gender norms that this bill is wanting to codify. This bill establishes a definition of a man or woman that completely cuts transgender people out of the picture and attempts to place outdated gender assumptions as a rule of law.

The ACLU of Wyoming opposes House Bill 50. The “What is a Woman” Act attempts to place antiquated gender assumptions as a rule of law. We oppose the effects of this law that would prevent transgender women and men from accessing their rights. If passed, this legislation would have a detrimental impact on the ability for trans women and men to authentically live life. 


Representative(s) Ward, Allemand, Angelos, Bear, Haroldson, Hornok, Jennings, Locke, Neiman, Ottman, Pendergraft, Penn, Rodriguez-Williams, Slagle, Smith and Strock





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