Postcards to CoreCivic

September 22, 2019 @ 11:15 am 12:15 pm

We are happy to say MTC is not going to build in Evanston. But we now know Uinta County Commissioners are communicating with CoreCivic and have already visited facilities.

It is clear that the fight to stop private prisons from establishing their presence in Wyoming is far from over.

Now that Uinta county Commissioners have refused to hear our voices, we've turned to CoreCivic. 

We are inviting the community to join us in writing postcards that will be sent directly to Damon T. Hininger the President and Chief Executive Officer of CoreCivic. Tell him how Wyomingites feel about private prison companies which aim to solely profit off locking up immigrants in our state. 

Join our event on September 22nd for postcards that display a piece of Wyoming’s beauty that won't be tarnished by greed from private prisons.