Fiesta de Familias: One Year Later

August 18, 2019 @ 3:00 pm 5:00 pm

Management Training Centers (MTC), is still trying to build a private immigration prison in Evanston.

Their goal is simple: lock up migrant Wyomingites, tear them away from their families and create a climate fear and panic across the state. Thankfully, teams of advocates with the ACLU of Wyoming and the Wyo Say No campaign haven't made their plans that easy. 

In the last year, we have passionately fought to stop private prisons like MTC through community-led events, statewide outreach, and countless activist trainings. Today we're asking you to keep the momentum going and join us back where it all started. 

Private prions like MTC are deliberately creating a climate of fear and uncertainty, fomenting panic among immigrant communities. Over the past few years, many immigrants have decided to steer clear of courthouses, hospitals, and other public spaces, for fear of arrest and deportation. Through community partnerships and coalitions like Wyo Say No, we can put a stop to MTC's inhumane practices, and create safer spaces for our neighbors. 

The ACLU of Wyoming and Wyo Say No has the backs of immigrants in our state. Wyomingites are not afraid of a fight. It's time to stand up to MTC, and continue to halt their attempt at establishing a presence in Wyoming.