Defend Reproductive Freedom for All Wyomingites

Personal and private decisions like whether or not to have an abortion should be left up to Wyomingites and their families. Not state lawmakers.

Headlines about the current state of abortion access across the nation seem to get worse every day. For Wyomingites in particular, we know the state of reproductive freedom in the equality state is anything but equal.   

States around the country, including Wyoming, have already enacted extreme anti-abortion policies in an attempt to directly challenge Roe v. Wade at the Supreme Court. Some states (again, like Wyoming) are now fighting to keep their lone abortion clinic up and running to serve the needs of their community.  

Yet, we know this bleak outlook for abortion access is not new. Rather, it’s the result of a decades-long strategy to push abortion out of reach completely with laws designed to make it impossible for people to access care. 

Sadly, Wyoming is no stranger to this battle. With the only two doctors who perform abortions in Wyoming being located in Jackson, reproductive freedom is far from assured.  

This year Wyoming lawmakers took further aim at reproductive freedom with eight bills (listed below with failed/pass status) aiming to restrict access to abortion care. While an unfortunate record for our state, it doesn’t mean abortion access is going anywhere. It just means we have to fight back.  

  • House Bill 161 aims to protect human life by banning equality-prohibiting discriminatory abortion, which ends up being a partial, but deeply impactful ban on some abortions. (Failed) 
  • House Bill 134 also known as the “human heartbeat protection act,” would make it nearly impossible to obtain an abortion in Wyoming. (Failed) 
  • House Bill 70 also known as the “abortion-informed consent bill,” would put hurdles in front of Wyomingites seeking abortion care. (Failed) 
  • Senate File 133 could unconstitutionally ban medication abortions in Wyoming. (Failed) 
  • Senate File 34 would modify existing Wyoming statute regarding “means of treatment for viable abortion” and insert political interference into family decisions, advance a false narrative regarding abortion in Wyoming, and stigmatize physicians. (Passed)   
  • House Bill 253 would prohibit the University of Wyoming from expending funds on abortions. (Failed)   
  • House Bill 235 also known as the “human life protection act,” would outlaw abortion in Wyoming. (Failed) 
  • Senate File 96 would create new crimes in Wyoming which attempt to establish fetal personhood. (Passed)   

We know Wyomingites want to see real leadership on protecting abortion access for everyone, no matter where they live or how much they make. To make that happen, it’ll take all of us rising up and fighting back. 

If you agree that the decision about having an abortion is deeply personal and best left to an individual, their family, and their doctor, join us and organizations like NARAL Wyoming for the fight ahead. 

Join us and learn more about NARAL Wyoming here then check out resources from them below. Together, we can defend reproductive freedom in Wyoming.