Wyoming's Roe Action Plan 

Regardless of what the courts say, abortion is our right and we won’t stop fighting for our ability to control our bodies and our futures.

The ACLU of Wyoming will never stop fighting for a person’s right to an abortion, but we need your help more than ever.

Are you with us? Together, we'll fight as hard as it takes – for as long as it takes – to protect everyone’s fundamental freedoms.


What abortion access may look like in a post-roe America. 

Learn more about what access to abortion care will look like in Wyoming post-Roe.

Image of the Supreme Court with a purple filter overlay

This is what access may look like in a post-Roe Wyoming. 

Abortion access in Wyoming

With only one abortion clinic in the state, abortion access in Wyoming is already limited by where you live and how much money you make.

Image of an abortion care provider and a patient

This means coordinating travel, child care, hotel stays, and more, which can delay and even prevent people entirely from accessing abortion care. 

Connect with your local lawmakers 

Tell Wyoming's electeds to break down barriers to reproductive healthcare that includes abortion access.  

image of a person making a phone call

With Roe v. Wade in danger in front of the Supreme Court, and states already obliterating abortion rights and access to care, it is critical that Wyomingites commit to protect and expand access to abortion in our state. Take Action: join the campaign for reproductive freedom in Wyoming by connecting with your lawmakers and sharing your story.   

Upcoming events and actions

Find forums, rallies, and other events to join the fight for abortion rights and access.  

Image of a person holding a protest sign that reads, "I love repro rights."

The ACLU of Wyoming and activists in every community across the state will continue to fight for meaningful access to abortion care for anyone who needs it. Stay informed about opportunities to get involved.  

Support community-led efforts and organizations 

From Cheyenne to Jackson and everywhere in-between, there are organizations and providers that could use your support.  

image of volunteers supporting an event

Across the state of Wyoming, organizations are working overtime to secure the right to reproductive freedom for everyone. These organizations need your help to keep accomplishing critical work for the people of this state. 

Commit to action

Abortion advocates around the state must come together for what lies ahead.  

Image of a person's arm with the text written on it, "my body my choice."

Join the growing list of North Dakotans who, at a moments notice, are ready to take action in the fight for reproductive freedom.  

We'll keep you informed and well-equipped for the fight ahead.