The ACLU of Wyoming keeps you updated on bills that impact civil liberties in Wyoming during the 2013 legislative session. The session is moving fast! We're halfway through the session, and Monday was the last day for bills in the Committee of the Whole in the house of origin. Yesterday the last day for second reading in the house of origin, and today is the last day for third reading in the house of origin.

While we have enjoyed legislative victories already this year – defeating two anti-choice bills and gaining traction on a bill to extend voting rights to non-violent felons – we had two very disappointing loses last week on bills which would have gone a long way in granting equal rights to Wyoming’s LGBT community. SF131 Discrimination proposed to make discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity illegal, and was defeated in the Senate 13 – 17. HB168 Domestic Partnerships failed to pass the House by a vote of 25 – 34. HB168 sought to extend legal rights and responsibilities to domestic partnerships. Despite these losses, these bills had considerable support in each chamber and went further in the legislative process than in years past. We’re encouraged by this trend and will continue to support pro-LGBT proposals in the future. 

We love hearing from our supporters, so please share any information or comments you might have about these bills so we can keep our information up-to-date. Learn more about how to participate in the legislative process. If we have missed any bills you think we should be following, please send us an email.