During the 2015 Legislative Session, the ACLU of Wyoming was hard at work advocating for civil rights and fighting bills that threaten our freedoms. We sought to reform criminal justice, protect citizens’ privacy, and expand LGBT rights, while weighing in on a host of other bills implicating civil liberties. We couldn’t have done it all without your help!

Here are some highlights from this year’s session:

  • Asset forfeiture reform: Helped bill pass both legislative chambers with overwhelming support, but it was ultimately vetoed by the governor.
  • Privacy from drone surveillance: Helped the Drone Protection Act pass the House of Representatives.
  • Reproductive freedom: Helped defeat a bill that would have restricted women’s access to reproductive healthcare by enacting a mandatory ultrasound and 24 hour waiting period.
  • LGBT rights: Supported a bill to enact nondiscrimination protections for gay and transgender workers.
  • Marijuana law reform: Supported a bill to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. A bill allowing the use of hemp extract (CBD oil) became law without the governor’s signature.
  • Voting rights: Helped pass a bill amending the process to restore voting rights to non-violent felons.

Thank you for your continued support of the ACLU’s work!