UPDATE: Senate File 10 passed both House and Senate. Now awaiting the Governor's signature. 


Senate File 10 would allow courts to sentence people to unsupervised probation and to reduce terms of probation. It then goes on to list eight criteria that courts may consider when determining the period of probation or a modification of a term:

  • Stable employment
  • Positive community support
  • Positive familial support
  • Reasonable attendance to spousal and parental responsibilities
  • Affirmative progress in addressing alcohol or substance addiction issues
  • Nature and seriousness of the underlying crime
  • Risk posed by the defendant to the community
  • Risk of reoffense as determined by a validated risk and need assessment

ACLU position: 

The ACLU of Wyoming supports this legislation as it will enable supervised probation to be used only for those who need it, and for the reduction of probation terms for those who have shown they no longer need to be supervised.



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