UPDATE: Senate File 130 died in committee. 


Senate File 130 would limit teacher and student rights, free speech, and take away the ability to discuss racial justice issues in classrooms.

The ACLU of Wyoming opposes Senate File 130. The First Amendment protects the right to share ideas, including the right of individuals to receive information and knowledge. This bill oversteps the state government’s legitimate authority by imposing curriculum restrictions that should remain with local districts. Instead of encouraging learning, Senate File 130 effectively gags educators and students from talking about issues of the most profound national importance, such as the impact of systemic racism in our society. Simply put, this is a blatant attempt to suppress speech about race that some may disfavor.


Sens. Hutchings, Ide, McKeown, and Steinmetz, and Reps. Bear, Heiner, Ottman, Trujillo, and Ward





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